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i know it is cliche that home is where the heart is, but how true it is.  is my home in Alameda?  no, my house is here, i have friends, church and job, but where is my heart?  this place will develop into my home, but it takes time and relationships.

this weekend after we disembarked ms Zaandam, we got tickets from MWR for Seaworld.  even after the scandal of the trainer getting killed a couple weeks ago, Shamu made his appearance as expected. what was not expected was the 'Pets Rule' show which had dogs, cats, pigs, ducks and a parrot doing all kinds of tricks.  it was disappointing that the Clydesdales are gone along with the Beer Garden.

but good last day with the rents.  i love them, but 13 days, 11 nights in the same room was too much to handle.  we met up with my friend Karen Cobb and Nick Adema for coffee at Kono's and got Mexican Mochas. so tasty. so we drank and walked on the boardwalk for a bit before dropping the rents off at the airport.  then was my appointment with Tina, my favorite hair dresser who made me gorgeous, like always.  i really do feel great after walking out of there.  three colors in my hair, but you cant tell in everyday life with my hair always back in a bun. but there are peek-a-boo highlights and fun parts.

one of our Sisters in Christ, Katie Andrews passed away on Tuesday and her body was found along the shore where she swims everymorning in the ocean.  She is at home with the Lord and no longer worried about her cancer, singleness, taking care of the church, doing work or anything. she is forever praising God!  We had a celebration service of sorts on Sunday morning as Pastor John preached on Heaven.  it was my first time at the new Pacific Hope church building.  amazing! 

and i made it home in time for church at Urban Grace where we continued on John studying chapter 9.  what a blessing to be home after vacation.  there were many times that i wish i could have been home, building and strengthening relationships.  the food was so tasty. and working out everyday was beneficial to the body.

be blessed friends!

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