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its just me, free flowing

it might not make sense, but this is life

k love
12 June 1983
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a lot of people ask me why i journal. or is it okay if i read it, it seems pretty personal. i like posting cause it feels like i am talking to someone. it seems weird, but in essence i am. i am talking to myself 20-50 years from now, or even my kids or grandkids. my grandmas kept diaries about the weather and what they did that day. it is interesting, but i wish i would have known what they were thinking. that is what this is. my thoughts written down. i do keep some of my posts private so only i can read them. everyone needs a few private thoughts.

well since you obviously stumbled across this page, i might as well tell you a little something about myself. i will start with a story, so there i was...two outs, bottom of the sixth, bases juiced, down by one, and i was up to bat. what did i do? flied out and ended the season for my team. just a single woulda sent us to state. but when my bestest buddy said to me, "i am glad that you were up k-love, no one else coulda done it" that is friendship, and i hope you learned something from this story. here is the moral if you did not get it the first time. we are friends and if we cannot depend on each other in the bad times, then we will never be able to celebrate the good ones.

I live for Jesus as He is the Lord and the giver of life!

i have lived all over the U.S. currently i live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Seattle is my hometown.
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