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I got home a few days early from patrol due to our second and last Main Diesel Engine breaking. so we blasted home on turbines and moored up to start the repairs in homeport.  a few days later Todd arrived and we had a blast (see previous post) and he bought us tickets to Seattle to visit my family for Christmas.  actually he had bought them over a month before in hopes that MSC would approve his leave. this was a stretch since had only done training with them and hadn't even been out to sea with them yet, so granting leave seemed like a far out request.  we prepared ourselves to not see each other until May and i get back from my next deployment.  but God had different plans as his leave was approved! so we took off to Seattle for 4 days to see my family and celebrate Jesus' birthday and God incarnate.  

My mom picked us up from the airport and i proceeded to wrap presents and get ready for my brother Ben's party at his and Caitlin's house.  there would be a lot of his friends at the annual bash.  the night previous i made peppermint sticks (pretzel rods, chocolate rolled in candy cane pieces) and brought them to the party.  we also had white elephant and it was fun, Todd and i got a bunch of homemade jams! (but not enough room in our suitcases to bring most home).  we left the party at a decent hour since we had to be up early to drive to Crystal Mountain. the road was clear and the drive quick since we left at O-dark thirty and were some of the first to arrive at the mountain. we purchased our military discounted tickets and proceeded up the Gondola (new since my last time on the mountain and Todd sweet-talked them into letting us on for free).  it took us up to the top.  i was pretty nervous, actually.  Todd, i knew, was a very good skiier having grown up near the ski area and have ski enthusiast parents, even to this day. it is a huge part of his life and i felt like i had to be really good for him to love me.  even though i was sure of his love, and that if i was not a great skiier, he wouldn't love me less, but i didn't want to hold him back or for him to have to wait for me.

we were on our second run or so, zooming down a black diamond, the whole mountain to ourselves as it was Christmas Eve. i asked if we could stop and take a picture as it was so beautiful in the snow.  we had left the eternal sunshine of San Diego on the day prior. he stepped out of his skiis and reached for the camera.  instead of pulling out the camera, he pulled out a box with a diamond ring and asked me if i would MARRY HIM?  i said, of course, not looking at the ring, but looking in his eyes, the man i will spend the rest of my life with, unable to believe what was happening.  i was in shock, elated, in love, blissful, and all the great emotions that accompany skiing with the man who is beyond your dreams who wants to be your husband.  absolutely wonderful.  God is so great.  he blesses his children beyond belief.  we were by ourselves on the trail for about a half hour, so excited. then the sun came out, in December in Seattle, that was incredible as well, an anomoly. this nice lady took our picture. and did i say that i finally looked at the amazingly beautiful ring on my finger? perfect.  Todd did such a great job.  

then we made a few phone calls until we got too cold from laying on the snow in the middle of the desolate trail.  we went to the top of the mountain and had a champagne toast at the summit restaurant and some professional photographs taken as well. he planned it so well.  below is Todd, after proposing, the nervousness and anxiety finally over!  


we dont know when we are getting married or where, but that is the fun of it.  it was also great to get to introduce Todd as my fiance to my family and friends.

be blessed


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